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There are no words—
but we’ll try.

It is only because of the generosity of our visionary supporters that so many children in San Francisco are able to experience art, music, and movement as part of their public school curriculum. And for that, we are indescribably grateful.

Because of the individual donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations listed below, thousands of children have discovered the joy and discipline that result from serious participation in the arts. Of course, there are so many schools in need, so many students for whom this is not just a fun way to spend a couple of hours a week—but an actual lifeline that can have a profound effect on the rest of their lives. Every donation helps us to include more children, including those who are not otherwise able to afford summer camp, or a chance to shine on stage.

We hope you’ll consider joining our esteemed list of supporters in helping us to inspire as many kids as possible. As you can see—you’ll be in very good company.

Special Thanks to our 55th Season Sponsors

There’s still time to support SFArtsED’s programs by becoming a Season Sponsor, please visit the 2023-24 Season Sponsorship page or call 415-551-7990.

Donor Circle / 2022 – 2023

Mr. Lorne Abramson &
Ms. Elana Lieberman

Amazon Smile

Ms. Amy Andersen

Anonymous (2)

Ms. Meg Bertero

Ms. Meryl Bennan &
Mr. James Bennan

Ms. Deborah Bishop &
Mr. Michael Lieberman

Ms. Livia Blankman &
Mr. Chris Bigelow

Ms. Michelle Calvi

Ms. Liz Cardone &
Mr. Lloyd Cardone

Dr. William Chan &
Ms. Gayle Chan

Mr. Randall Craig

Ms. Victoria Damestoy
In memory of Diana Bray

Ms. Leela de Souza Bransten
& Mr. Peter Bransten

Ms. Michele De Vogelaere

Mr. Rod Freebairn-Smith
& Ms. Janet Crane

Ms. Susan Friedman
& Ms. Michelle Jean

Mr. Stephen Goldstine
& Ms. Emily Keeler

Ms. Anne Hatch

Ms. Stacey Harte in honor
of Diane Holland Grunberg

Ms. Ann Henry

Mr. Andy Hill

Ms. Susan Horst &
Mr. Blair Horst

Ms. Abigail Jacobs

Ms. Janet Johnson &
Mr. Bob Johnson

Mr. D. Ronald Jones

Dr. Jaculine C. Jones

Ms. Annette Lai

Ms. Carrie Leeb

Mr. Mark Lipman &
Ms. Helen Cohen

Ms. Helen Loeser

Ms. Susan Malone

Ms. Laura Mauer &
Mr. Gary Mauer

Ms. Keel McClintick &
Mr. Rick McClintick

Ms. Kaelin McGill

Ms. Irene Mecchi

Ms. Nell Mei

Mr. Steven Miller

Ms. Ellen Minkin

Ms. Nancy Ng

Ms. Tiersa Nureyev

Mr. Kevin O’Connell

Ms. Dylan Odom

Ms. Karen Opalka &
Mr. Chester Opalka

Ms. Shirley Kiyoko Osumi

Ms. Sonal Patel

Mr. Jon Pierce in honor
of Diane Holland Grunberg

Ms. Glenna Pop-Stefanov &
Mr. Bruno Pop-Stefanov

Ms. Belinda Presser

Mr. Ram Raghunathan

Mr. William Reed in honor
of Gerald David Anderson

Ms. Rebecca Rosenberg in
honor of Diane Holland Grunberg

Mr. George Rush &
Ms. Jaime Rush

Ms. Jane Rush &
Mr. George Rush

Mr. Fred Salan

Mr. John Sanger

Ms. Sue Saracco &
Mr. Geno Saracco

Ms. Pamela Ann Scrutton

Dr. Lawrence Shore &
Dr. Sandra Yuen

Ms. Susan Stern

Ms. Nancy Sutterley

Ms. Jessica Sutton

Mr. Thanwat Tantiworasit

Ms. Janet Tarlov &
Mr. Richard Tarlov

Mr. Cole Thomason-Redus

Ms. Quincey Tompkins &
Mr. Dan Imhoff

Ms. Karen Travis &
Mr. Paul Travis

Ms. Kris Twining

Mr. Nino Walker,
Ms. Delphine Walker &
Karen Kaushansky

Mr. Andrew Weinstein

Dr. Kathleen Welsh &
Dr. Bill Plautz

Ms. Julie Wertz &
Ms. Karen Fullerton

Ms. Cathleen Wilbur

Ms. Lynne Winslow

Ms. Emily Wolahan-Reavill &
Mr. Nick Reavill

Mr. Carl Zlatchin &
Ms. Betty Zlatchin

Ms. Arta Zygielbaum

Producer’s Circle / 2022 – 2023

Ms. Yanna Barance

Ms. Deborah Bishop &
Mr. Michael Lieberman

The Susie Tompkins Buell Fund

Ms. Jennifer Chow

Ms. Janet Crane &
Mr. Rod Freebairn-Smith

Ms. Elicia Dangerfield

Mr. Dan Ellis

Ms. Margaret Elliston

Ms. Erin Gangitano

Mr. Ivan Gomez

Ms. Marjorie Helfet

Ms. Pamela Hornik

Ms. Nancy E. Keane

Ms. Sharonjean Leeds &
Dr. Richard Leeds

Ms. Teresa O’Brien Nguyen

Ms. Lucene Thomason

Mr. Cole Thomason-Redus

Ms. Laura Thompson

Foundation Support 2022-2023

Crankstart Foundation

Dawn Redwoods Trust

The Eva Gunther Foundation

Inner Sunset Community Advocates

The Kimball Foundation

Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation

McMurtry Family Foundation

The McNabb Foundation

The Mental Insight Foundation

Minnesota Street Project Foundation

The Bernard Osher Foundation

Skyline Foundation

The Morris Stulsaft Foundation

Bill Graham Supporting Foundation

Adobe Community Fund

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