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There are no words—
but we’ll try.

It is only because of the generosity of our visionary supporters that so many children in San Francisco are able to experience art, music, and movement as part of their public school curriculum. And for that, we are indescribably grateful.

Because of the individual donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations listed below, thousands of children have discovered the joy and discipline that result from serious participation in the arts. Of course, there are so many schools in need, so many students for whom this is not just a fun way to spend a couple of hours a week—but an actual lifeline that can have a profound effect on the rest of their lives. Every donation helps us to include more children, including those who are not otherwise able to afford summer camp, or a chance to shine on stage.

We hope you’ll consider joining our esteemed list of supporters in helping us to inspire as many kids as possible. As you can see—you’ll be in very good company.

Special Thanks to our 51st Season Sponsors

Donor Circle / 2018 – 2019

Mr. Lorne Abramson
& Ms. Elana Lieberman

Ms. Kay Anderson


Mr. Mark Barmore

Ms. Margaret Barr

Ms. Meryl Bennan
& Mr. James Bennan

Ms. Gail Berman
& Mr. Howard Berman

Mr. Christopher Bigelow

Ms. Deborah Bishop
& Mr. Michael Lieberman

Ms. Trish Bransten

Ms. Katherine Cameron

Ms. Liz Cardone

Ms. Helen Cohen
& Mr. Mark Lipman

Ms. Nancy Colman
& Mr. Alex Reisman

Mr. Randall Craig

Ms. Dawn Cutler
& Mr. Richard Cutler

Ms. Michele deVogelaere

Ms. Marjorie Danker

Ms. Natasha Dolby
& Mr. David Dolby

Ms. Allison Doyle

Ms. Michele Egan
& Mr. Mike McCabe

Ms. Dana Emery
& Mr. Robert Emery

Ms. Karie Epstein

Ms. Randi Fisher
& Mr. Bob Fisher

Mr. Jospeh Galvan

Ms. Eleanor Gerstley
& Mr. Michael J. Gerstley

Ms. Heidi Gewertz
& Ms. Betsy Bayha

Ms. Nina Gilson
& Mr. Ronald Gilson

Ms. Carol Goldberg
& Mr. Arthur A. Goldberg

Ms. Anne Henry

Ms. Joan Holden

Ms. Liz Isaacs

Ms. Margaret Jenkins
& Mr. Albert Wax

Mr. Craig Jessup

Ms. Anna Johengen

Arian Johnson

Dr. Jaculine C. Jones

Ms. Mary Ann Jones

Ms. Lara Karchmar

Mr. Joseph Kelly
& Iribarren Insurance Services

Mr. Walter Knoepfel

Ms. Ada Kriegman

Ms. Mariko Kimura

Ms. Annette Lai

Ms. Linda Lee

Ms. Zdenka Levy

Ms. Nancy Leavens

Ms. Sharonjean Leeds
& Dr. Richard Leeds

Ms. Kellye Lewis
& Mr. Clarence Lewis

Ms. Robyn Lieberman
& Mr. Asher Kotz

M. S. Lison
& L. B. Lison

Ms. Helen Loeser
& Mr. David Teitel

Ms. Margaret Lourenço
& Mr. Rich Blaska

Ms. Susan Malone

Ms. Martha Mangold
& Mr. Rick Maggio

Ms. Teresita Marcelo

Ms. Berta McDonnell
& Mr. Mark McDonnell

Ms. Tracy McQuay

Ms. Irene Mecchi

Ms. Roslyn Miller

Ms. Maio Nishkian

Ms. Cathleen O’Brien

Mr. Kevin O’Connell

Ms. Jackie Lincoln Owyang

Ms. Barbara Panning

Ms. Kenzi Parton

Ms. Erin Tyson Poh

Mr. Randy Pon

Ms. Belinda Presser

Ms. Judith Rosenberg

Ms. Larkin Ryder
& Mr. Mike Sela

Ms. Sue Saracco
& Mr. Gino Saracco

Ms. Susan Lyn Sheridan

Ms. Gail Schifman

Ms. Virginia Shuler

Ms. Pamela Ann Scrutton

Ms. Veronica Segredo

Mr. Thomas Shapiro

Mr. Edward Snowdon

Ms. Margaret Song

Ms. Jane Spray

Ms. Susan Straghalis
& Ms. Beth Ogilvie

Ms. Susan Stern

Mr. Anton Steubner
& Mr. Michael Rubel

Ms. Adele Tarran

Ms. Geraldine Dal Parto Travins

Mr. Nicholas Trincia

Mr. Michael Turner

Ms. Kris Twining

Ms. Kathleen Velykis

Mr. Nino Walker
& Ms. Dephine Walker
& Ms. Karen Kaushansky

Ms. Joe Waller
& Mr. Gary Waller

Chow Wang

Ms. Cheryl Ward
& Mr. Charles Ward

Mr. Andrew Weinstein

Mr. Peter Weltchek

Ms. Julie Wertz
& Ms. Karen Fullerton

Ms. Patricia Wiggins

Ms. Diane Wilsey

Mr. David Wofsy

Mr. Bryan Wong

Ms. Lisa Yamauchi

Ms. Sandy Yuen Shore
& Dr. Lawrence Shore

Ms. Betty Zlatchin

Producer’s Circle / 2018 – 2019

Ms. Anne Abrams
& Ms. Cece Hugo


Ms. Marcella Atherton

Ms. Deborah Bishop
& Mr. Michael Lieberman

Ms. Nicola Bosco-Alvarez

Mr. Daniel Boucher

Ms. Jennifer Chow

Mr. Clarke Conway

Ms. Kameela Din

Ms. Elizabeth Fullerton
& Mr. Hugh Fullerton

Ms. Lisa Henderson

Mr. Roger Handeland

Ms. Leslie Katz

Ms. Aileen Kim

Ms. Judith Lucius

Ms. Daphne Magnawa

Ms. Martha Mangold
& Mr. Rick Maggio

Ms. Ingrid Mehlhorn

Ms. Susan Napolitano

Ms. Lebechi Odenyi

Mr. William Rowan

Mr. Todd Stein
& Mr. Chad Jones

Ms. Carol Sterkel
& Mr. Donald Sterkel

Ms. Lucene Thomason

Mr. Cole Thomason-Redus

Mr. Andrew Vu

Ms. Deborah Wong

Mr. John Woodruff

Foundation & Corporate Sponsors

Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology – Kathleen M. Welsh, MD & Andrea H. Austin, MD

Blick Art Materials

California Arts Council

Canyon Market

The Crankstart Foundation

Dodge & Cox

Robert & Dana Emery Family Foundation

Fleishhacker Foundation

The Germanacos Foundation

The Kelson Foundation

The Law Offices of R. Michael Lieberman

Levi Strauss & Co.

The Loud Hound Foundation

MAC (Modern Appealing Clothing)

The Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation

The Sam Mazza Foundation

The Morrison Foerster Foundation

The National Endowment for the Arts

Neiman Marcus Union Square

The Bernard Osher Foundation

The Riddler

The Ross Stores Foundation

San Francisco Art Book Fair

San Francisco Grants for the Arts

The Morris Stulsaft Foundation

Zephyr Real Estate

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