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There are no words—
but we’ll try.

It is only because of the generosity of our visionary supporters that so many children in San Francisco are able to experience art, music, and movement as part of their public school curriculum. And for that, we are indescribably grateful.

Because of the individual donors, corporate sponsors, and foundations listed below, thousands of children have discovered the joy and discipline that result from serious participation in the arts. Of course, there are so many schools in need, so many students for whom this is not just a fun way to spend a couple of hours a week—but an actual lifeline that can have a profound effect on the rest of their lives. Every donation helps us to include more children, including those who are not otherwise able to afford summer camp, or a chance to shine on stage.

We hope you’ll consider joining our esteemed list of supporters in helping us to inspire as many kids as possible. As you can see—you’ll be in very good company.

Special Thanks to our 54th Season Sponsors

Donor Circle / 2020 – 2021

Mr. Frank Alde

Dr. Seth Ammerman

Ms. Amy Andersen

Ms. Meryl Bennan &
Mr. James Bennan

Mr. Christopher Bigelow

Ms. Deborah Bishop &
Mr. Michael Lieberman

Ms. Virginia Boster

Ms. Rebecca Burad

Mr. William Byerley

Ms. Katie Byers

Ms. Michelle Calvi

Ms. Liz Cardone

Ms. Gayle Chan &
Dr. William Chan

Mr. David Coffman

Ms. Helen Cohen &
Mr. Mark Lipman

Ms. Nancy Colman

Ms. Valerie Corvin &
Dr. Scott Corvin

Ms. Janet Crane &
Mr. Rod Freebairn-Smith

Ms. Aiko Lanier Cuneo &
Mr. Laurence Cuneo

Ms. Leela De Souza Bransten &
Mr. Peter Bransten

Ms. Loni Dantzler

Dr. Marjorie Denker

Mr. Mark Denton &
Mr. Joseph Sun

Ms. Jeanne Dinkelspiel

Ms. Mary C. Dino

Mr. Neel Doppalapudi

Ms. Rachel Ennis

Mr. Jack Fischer  &
Jack Fisher Gallery

Ms. Laura Marie Fontana

Ms. Zoe Francis &
Mr. Rick Francis

Ms. Bria Goeller

Dr. Elena V. Gonzales

Ms. Sue Horst &
Mr. Blair Horst

Ms. Alexis Joseph

Mr. Walter Knoepfel

Ms. Ada Kriegman

Ms. Annette Lai

Ms. Sharonjean Leeds &
Dr. Richard Leeds

Ms. Zdenka Levy

Ms. Elana Lieberman &
Mr. Lorne Abramson

Ms. Susan Malone

Ms. Patricia Maloney

Ms. Patricia Maloney

Ms. Berta McDonnell &
Mr. Mark McDonnell

Ms. Tracy McQuay

Ms. Irene Mecchi

Mr. Steven Miller

Dr. Janet Mohle-Boetani &
Mr. Mark Manasse

Ms. Minette Nelson &
Mr. David Eckles

Ms. Nancy Ng

Ms. Lebechi Odenyi

Ms. Beth Ogilvie &
Ms. Susan Straghalis

Mr. Daniel Ostrow

Mr. Aliqwan Pack

Ms. Kenzi Parton

Ms. Polly Peterson

Ms. Belinda Presser

Ms. Nancy Quinn &
Mr. Thomas Driscoll

Ms. Jaime Rush &
Mr. George Rush

Ms. Sue Saracco &
Mr. Eugene Saracco

Mr. Roger Schachtel

Ms. Pamela Ann Scrutton

Ms. Sheri Siegel &
Mr. Paul Siegel

Mr. Todd Stein &
Mr. Chad Jones

Ms. Masako Takahashi

Ms. Janet Tarlov &
Mr. Richard Tarlov

Ms. Lucene Thomason

Mr. Todd Traina

Mr. Joseph Tramontana

Ms. Geraldine Dal Porto Travins

Ms. Laura Trupin

Ms. Ashley Tucker

Ms. Kristine Twining

Ms. Erin Tyson Poh

Ms. Valerie Velardi

Mr. Nino Walker

Ms. Jo Waller &
Mr. Gary Waller

Mr. John Walpole

Mr. Andrew Weinstein

Dr. Sandra D. Yuen &
Dr. Lawrence G. Shore

Ms. Betty Zlatchin &
Mr. Carl Zlatchin

Mr. Charles Zukow &
Mr. John Ferrara

Producer’s Circle / 2020 – 2021

Ms. Diane Anderson

Mr. Evan P. Anderson

Ms. Deborah Bishop &
Mr. Michael Lieberman

Ms. Lynn Blair

Ms. Dianne Calvi

Ms. Shirley Chen

Ms. Shona Curley &
Mr. Dirk Delmon

Mr. Daniel Dan

Ms. Sheryl Denker &
Mr. Alex Chuzhoy

Ms. Paula Dinnell &
Mr. Larry Doyle

Ms. Joselle Duncan &
Mr. Callum Duncan

Ms. Karen Epstein

Ms. Erin Gangitano &
Mr. Gregory Gangitano

Ms. Simone Garland &
Mr. Christopher Garland

Ms. Carla Gomez &
Mr. Joey Sutter

Ms. Alysia Gonzales

Ms. Jeanette Gonzales

Mr. William Hack

Mr. Cory Jones &
Ms. Alexis Gaines

Mr. D. Ronald Jones

Dr. Jaculine Jones

Ms. Luba Kravchenko

Ms. Sharonjean Leeds &
Dr. Richard Leeds

Ms. Sara O’Neill &
Mr. John O’Neill

Ms. Nancy Quinn &
Mr. Thomas Driscoll

Ms. Sher Rogat &
Mr. Wayne Garcia

Ms. Jaime Rush &
Mr. George Rush

Mr. Sambuddha Saha

Ms. Emma Sanchez &
Mr. Richard Vaznaugh

Ms. Sharon Shepherd &
Mr. Laird Rodet

Mr. Todd Stein &
Mr. Chad Jones

Ms. Molly Sterkel &
Mr. Tyler Sterkel

Mr. Cole Thomason-Redus

Ms. Lucene Thomason

Ms. Eileen Thornton &
Mr. Matthew Thornton

Ms. Kate Thornton

Ms. Eileen Tirpak

Ms. Geraldine Dal Porto Travins

Ms. Julie Wertz &
Ms. Karen Fullerton

Dr. Sandra D. Yuen &
Dr. Lawrence G. Shore

Foundation & Corporate Sponsors

Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology – Kathleen M. Welsh, MD & Andrea H. Austin, MD

Blick Art Materials

California Arts Council

Canyon Market

The Crankstart Foundation

Dodge & Cox

Robert & Dana Emery Family Foundation

Fleishhacker Foundation

The Germanacos Foundation

The Kelson Foundation

The Law Offices of R. Michael Lieberman

Levi Strauss & Co.

The Loud Hound Foundation

MAC (Modern Appealing Clothing)

The Alexander M. and June L. Maisin Foundation

The Sam Mazza Foundation

The Morrison Foerster Foundation

The National Endowment for the Arts

Neiman Marcus Union Square

The Bernard Osher Foundation

The Riddler

The Ross Stores Foundation

San Francisco Art Book Fair

San Francisco Grants for the Arts

The Morris Stulsaft Foundation

Zephyr Real Estate

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