Participating Schools

Making good schools even better.

With the financial and administrative support of the San Francisco Arts Education Process, practicing artists, singers, choreographers, and dancers now teach at more than twenty public elementary- and middle schools in every corner of the city, and at every economic level—reaching some 7500 children every year.

And while the focus may be on painting, ceramics, acting, or singing, the benefits to the children transcend disciplines and consistently spill over into areas such as self esteem, social fluidity, confidence, and academic focus, long after the semester is over.

Our San Francisco Public School Partners:

Alvarado Elementary School
Ms. Sheera Sadja, Principal

Argonne Elementary School
Ms. Sheree Catingub, Principal

Bret Harte Elementary School
Mr. Jeremy Hilinski, Principal

Chinese Immersion School at De Avila
Ms. Wendy Cheong, Principal

Claire Lilienthal Elementary School
Mr. Moira Zacharakis, Principal

Commodore Sloat Elementary School
Ms. Fowzigiah Abdolcader, Principal

George Peabody Elementary School
Mr. Willem Vroegh, Principal

Glen Park Elementary School
Ms. Liz Zarr, Principal

Gordon Lau Elementary School
Ms. Gloria Choy, Principal

Guadalupe Elementary School
Ms. Maria Luz Agudelo, Principal

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy
Mr. Emmanuel Stewart, Principal

Hillcrest Elementary School
Ms. Beth Bonfiglio, Principal

Junipero Serra Elementary School
Ms. Evelyn P. Cheung, Principal

Lawton Elementary School
Mr. Armen Sedrakian, Principal

McKinley Elementary School
Ms. Molly Pope, Principal

Miraloma Elementary School
Mr. Noah Ingber, Principal

New Traditions
Mr. W. Heath Caceres

Rooftop Elementary School
Ms. Nancy Bui, Principal

Sherman Elementary School
Ms. Helen Parker, Principal

St. Paul’s School
Ms. Katie Kiss, Principal

Sunset Elementary School
Ms. Rosina Tong, Principal

Visitacion Valley Elementary School
Ms. Bridget Wallace, Principal