Our Mission

The San Francisco Arts Education Project provides children with participatory experiences in the visual and performing arts under the mentorship of practicing artists. Such collaborations empower students with creative skills that will serve them in all aspects of their lives, while offering artists new outlets for expression and opportunities to engage with the wider community.

All children are
working artists.

They interpret the world through drawing, singing, and dancing, long before they can spell words or add up numbers.

Research confirms that serious engagement with the arts helps build confidence, instill empathy, and stimulate intellectual curiosity (all predictors for future success) well into adulthood. And yet, as public schools struggle with shrinking budgets, the visual and performing arts are usually the first disciplines to get cut.

At SFArtsED, we believe that children at all schools and at every economic level deserve to reap the benefits of a rich, hands-on arts education.

Meet the people who are
passionate about arts education.