Soft Spaces for Hard Times


Soft Spaces For Hard Times: A Community Quilting project will bring together three Bay Area fiber artists, SFArtsED teaching artists, and San Francisco youth to make a monumental textile collage quilt. This project will be a symbolic and tangible act of connecting individuals and communities that are healing from the COVID pandemic, and isolation as a result of the quarantine. This project will unfold over the next year in the San Francisco Arts Education gallery at Minnesota Street Project, and in public schools across San Francisco. In September 2024 “Soft Spaces” will culminate with an immersive and interactive textile installation. This project has been made possible through funding from the SF Arts Commission and a partnership with the San Francisco arts Education Project.

About Tiersa Nureyev: Tiersa Nureyev is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, who has costumed for film, theater, dance and performance art. She is the co-founder of the sustainable, fashion accessory design studio Stella Fluorescent, has been a teaching artist with the San Francisco Arts Education Project (SFArtsED) since 2006, and has led art direction in the creation of textile-based elements, murals, and props for exhibitions, and devised theater.