Bio Exuberance

What biology has to teach us, part 2

October 24, 2020 – January 30, 2021
Open by appointment:

Take a digital tour of Bio Exuberance online at Minnesota Street Project Adjacent.

The final exhibition from SFArtsED’s inaugural Minnesota Street Project Artist-in-Residence, Zoe Farmer, includes her work as well as work she created with students in San Francisco public schools and with a group of young artists from the SFArtsED Players.

Zoe describes her show:

“Animals, insects, and organisms offer many ways to challenge the conventional social constructions that we apply to our own species. The term “biological exuberance,” introduced by Dr. Bruce Bagemihl in his book of the same name, describes the surprising diversity of the animal kingdom, which encompasses a seemingly endless variety of gender and sexual fluidity.

In part, this show is an exploration and celebration of wonder that fully embraces the diversity of what it is to be a biological being in an intricately interconnected network of organisms. And in part, it is a response to our confinement under the pandemic and an increased need for biophilic experiences. Biophilia, as defined by Edward O. Wilson, is “the urge to affiliate with other life forms.” Nature seems to be amplified now, as does our need to connect with it.

Diversification equals strength. Collaboration amongst all living organisms leads to biological success and, by extension, a well-balanced, connected world.”

Created in collaboration with:

SFArtsED Players: Amalia Duque, Samantha Gangitano, Lily Hannan,

Parker Lee, Stella Nureyev-Hilburn, Zofia Rose Hope-Csikszentmihalyi,
Stella Simmons, Agatha Sterkel, Malena Sutter, Audrey Thornton,
Diego Vaznaugh-Sanchez, Trisha Yee

Pete Belkin, Photography and Digital Media Producer, Film

Natalie Greene, Director and Choreographer, Film

Emily Keeler, Text Mentor, Film

Tiersa Nureyev, Visual Arts Mentor, Film

Miraloma Elementary School, Grade 3

Junipero Serra Elementary School, Grades 1, 3, 4, 5

This exhibition is made possible with support from: