Art Classes and Workshops

Creativity is on tap at Minnesota Street.

Surrounded by art galleries and flooded with sunlight, our headquarters in the Minnesota Street Project includes a modular gallery, classroom, and exhibition space—an ideal environment for artists ages 11 and up to explore a variety of creative pursuits after school and on the weekends.

Our increasingly popular array of offerings have included everything from fashion design and knitting to painting, stenciling, gilding, collage, lamp making—and the art of the spoken word. Register now for our current summer offering below. We hope to see you soon!

Week-Long Classes

All week-long classes are from 12:30pm to 3:30pm, Monday-Friday
June 18-22

Knit Grafitti

Artist: Jeanette Au

Examining the work of knit-bombing artists such as Olek and looking at knit graffiti right here in the Bay Area, students learn the craft of knitting and explore the idea of reclaiming or reinterpreting public spaces with textiles. Students will hand knit both on needles and on the knitting machine to create texture and experiment with color.

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June 25-29

Express Yourself:
Voice and Movement

Artist: Samantha Stone

In this five-day workshop, students conceive and develop a short performance piece. We will explore different seeds and structures for building material, with both movement and voice work as our medium. Students bring to life topics they find exciting and relevant.

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July 2-6 (no class on Wednesday, July 4)

Fantastical Fiber Fun!

Artist: Tiersa Nureyev

Drawing with thread, weaving illustrations, patchwork paper, knotted knick-knacks, paint, foil, yarn, upcylced textiles and surface design translates to fantastic fiber fun! Students will survey a handful of well-known fiber artists and experiment with their techniques to create their own works of art. We’ll look at the work of Louise Bourgeois, Sheila Hicks, Lenore Tawney and Anni Albers. Students will increase their knowledge of the fine artists using textile as their medium while innovating by combining the learned techniques in exciting and novel ways.

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July 9-13

Art About the Art:
Theater and Movement

Artist: Natalie Greene

Spend a week creating original performance in art galleries! SFArtsED joins forces with San Francisco’s most innovative devised theater ensemble, Mugwumpin, to guide students through the creation of new compositions and improvisations. Bringing together techniques from dance, music and theater, co-directors Natalie Greene and Teddy Hulsker collaborate with Minnesota Street Project galleries for the creation of one-of-a-kind cross-disciplinary mega-exciting performance collaboration.

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July 16-20

Sticks and Stones Workshop

Artist: Paul Frank Wagner

Teach children to use their imagination using natural materials such as stones, and empower them to create a world of possibilities available to them at any moment of the day. The goal of Sticks and Stones is for children to produce aesthetic works of art that they can be proud to share, and beautifully documenting the process of creation! Sticks and Stones makes use of nature’s loose parts: stones, sticks, and leaves as well as mud to explore sculpture, and painting. These are some of the essential materials used with children to connect them to nature. In addition, we will also use pencils, paint, crayons, colored paint markers, children’s paint, paint brushes. This class is led and curated by Contemporary Artist Paul Frank Wagner (

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July 23-27

Dancing About Architecture:
On-Site Performance

Artist: Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow

Students will explore Minnesota Street Project’s architecture as a leaping off point for creating solo and collaborative performance works. Students will be guided through movement/dance, writing and spoken word exercises to create their own unique experience of the space.

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Saturday Workshops

Six self-contained Saturday Workshops: 12:30pm to 3:30pm
Saturday, June 23


Artist: Jenny Reisman

Learn to make pompoms like a pro! Once we learn to make a basic pompom (cardboard, yarn in many colors), we move on to more advance shaping techniques. Our objective is a pompom in the shape of an animal’s head!

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Saturday, June 30

Beautiful City: San Francisco in Mixed-Media Collage

Artist: Jesus Perez Zamarron

Students will explore different recycled materials and make a mixed-media collage of the city that they love. We will discuss how to draw a basic cityscape, using pencil on paper to outline the design, and then work with different materials to create a stunning composition. Among our materials will be assorted recycled materials, markers, color pencils, scissors, magazines, card board and glue.

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Saturday, July 7

Clay Day

Artist: Carolina Zamora

Explore various textures and types of clay. First learn about the Mesopotamian cylinder seal. Then make your own rolling stamp by developing your own symbols that represent you. Take away your very own seal.

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Saturday, July 14

Voices in Space: Composing Poems, Plays, Stories & Songs

Artist: Elise Jansen

We’ll explore various creative writing tools and techniques that will assist students in the imagination and creation of their own stories, plays, poems, songs and more. From their writings, students will have the opportunity to put these creations into action by embodying one of their characters, reciting their poetry or putting rhythm and dance to their song. The workshop intends to spark excitement within students about creating their own performance art while gaining the skills and confidence to do so.

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Saturday, July 21

Hello, Dali!
Surrealism in Fashion

Artist: Jeanette Au

In this fun and whimsical workshop, we’ll explore the intersection of art and fashion with humor, welcoming the unusual and the unexpected. Looking at vintage fashion from the 1930s, we will examine the theme of Surrealism in fashion, from Hollywood costume designer Adrian to the collaborative work of artist Salvador Dali and fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Fast forward, we will also look at contemporary designers who are influenced by Surrealism such as Prada, Viktor and Rolf and Comme des Garçons.

Students will create their own mood board and design sketches to aid them in fashioning an accessory piece such as a millinery fascinator or body adornment. Both fashion design techniques and mixed media will be employed to create a statement piece that pushes the boundaries between art and fashion, celebrating its fusion.

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Saturday, July 28

Dance Theater:
Creativity in Motion

Artist: Esmeralda Kundanis Grow

Students will explore devised dance theater using improvisational scores, choreography, writing and spoken word. Working individually and collaboratively, students will create mini performance studies to share.

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