> SFArtsED Summer's 20th!
San Francisco's best summer arts camp celebrates two decades of creativity. Find out everything you need to know: dates, programs and more. Click for details.

> Exhibition: Drawing on Youth
Work by high school students in SFArtsED's Interdisciplinary Arts. Click to visit the gallery.

> Art & Design intensive
Learn more about SFArtsED's newest arts program and its work with Agelio & Delia Batle's Interdisciplinary Arts Program. Visit the SFArtsED Art & Design page.

> Arts education for all kids. Your donation has the power to bring more art to more students through After-School Programs, Scholarships and more. Click for info about the SFArtsED Donor Circle and:

Opening minds. Hearts. And futures.

Through the wonder of creativity.

Will your child dance as a prima ballerina one day? Or heal as a physician? Along the way, our kids will be asked to think outside the box. Put their creative minds and bodies into work and play. So the rapt joy of not just observing — but immersing in the arts — prepares kids for the best parts of life. Believing in themselves, thinking, feeling and expressing articulately takes them all the way to becoming lively, robust adult beings.

Since 1968, more than 200,000 elementary and middle school children have danced, painted, written, acted, sculpted, sung and performed through SFArtsED learning.