Connect & Create (2020)

Connect & Create: SFArtsED’s Arts Activity Hive

SFArtsED’s artist mentors are anxious to keep children and families creating at home.
Here in the activity hive, you’ll meet our artists and have some fun exploring visual and performing arts.

Tom Mayock: Dance
Kindergarten: “Be Cool No Matter What”

Kindergarten: “Practice Our ABC’s”

Samantha Stone: Dance
“I Have Too Much Energy Dance Challenge”

“Object Inspire”

Bongo Sidibe: Rhythms
Grades 1, 2, 3: “Rhythms with Mr. Bongo”

Zoe Farmer: Visual Arts
“Working with Found Clay, Part One”

“Working with Found Clay, Part Two”

“Flamboyant Nature” (coloring and drawing)

Elena Ruggiero: Theater
Ms. Elena recommends the following videos for all her theater students as they think about creating shows, tableaux, or pantomimes based on fairy tales.




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