Art is
for life.

We are the San Francisco
arts education project.

SFArtsED has offered more than 300,000 public school students a chance to paint, dance, act, sing, weave, and sculpt—mentored by working artists.

Since 1968, we have believed that art is not a luxury, but an essential part of our shared humanity, starting in childhood. Participation in the visual- and performing arts gives young people a voice, offers critical tools for reflecting and interpreting the world, and leads to more compassionate, creative, and empowered adults.

Mark your calendars:
Creativity is in the air, on the walls, and on the stage.



Summer Camp

SFArtsED Players

Art Classes and Workshops

Interdisciplinary Arts

Glen Park After School

“SFArtsED gives children not only a vastly increased sense of self esteem but also first-hand experience with success—something you cannot get enough of in this life.”

– Joel Selvin, SFArtsED Summer Camp & SFArtsED Players dad

Our programs teach kids that anything is possible.

( Thanks to generous people such as you. )