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Kids participate in a work of art. And become great works of art.

By August 10, 2010News

The “museum” was San Francisco Conservatory of music, the gilded frame was stage light and the fine art was 70 public school children performing Carousel, Rodgers and Hammerstein’s favorite musical. Between them they trained over the summer, after school and on weekends to sing, dance, act and transform themselves into hard working, true artists.

This is not “kiddy theater” but passionate performers made up of SFArtsED Players and Broadway Bound Summer Camp studies. They joined 15 Player Alumni now attending 10 Colleges and Universities to participate in  thoroughly polished and deeply investigated performances with the UC Berkeley Summer Symphony in July.

Living proof that art is forever:

“SFArtsED forced my life to go into a better direction. Musical Theatre is so beautiful whether you sit in the audience or light shines down on you onstage.”

— Cassi Grilley, SFArtsED Alumni