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“Kids beg to go to Summer Camp. News at 11.”

By July 11, 2010News

“Good day, Jim. If you can hear me above all the excitement and voices singing what sources believe are Broadway tunes behind us, we’re here at Horace Mann Middle School reporting to you live with our news crew and covering today’s activities here in the Mission.

Kids as old as 15 — yes, teenagers — are said to be enthusiastically looking forward to summer camp and a morning of…and I’m reading directly from the official Camp Schedule here…fashion design…followed by an…afternoon of cartooning and illustration. One child, claiming to be 7 going on 8, stated, and I’m quoting her here,  ‘I walked on stilts yesterday and today I get to learn how to be a clown.’ She did seem to be credible, Jim. One of the parents I met earlier, dropping off his daughter and what looked to be two best friends in front of the school and, appearing slightly worn, said quote, ‘They kept me up all night giggling about it, the three of them’ and added in what looked to this reporter like a bittersweet moment,  ‘I never had camp this good when I was a kid.’ That’s all we have now on SFArtsED Summer Camp 2010, back to you, Jim.”