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This isn’t just good news. Great news is more like it.

By September 10, 2009News

We’re starting the 2009-2010 school year with a strong standing, thanks to those who support the unique participatory arts education our city’s kids crave. Good news for children and the Artists who are so passionate about their learning.

Artists-In-Residence are still in over 20 city schools, paid partly from the Board of Supervisors’ Elementary Arts Funding and Proposition H monies. As well as funds provided by parents’ organizations in many of our schools. We continue to engage close to as many kids as last year: 7,500 children citywide in 2008. We’ve added another After School Program. And SFArtsED Players (musical troupe) are returning to performances at the Eureka Theater. Last year’s ticket sales were the best yet!

We were able to help by awarding scholarships to 17% of all SFArtsED Summer Camp students this year. A full 29% of our middle school Summer Camp students received aid.

Thank you, San Francisco Unified School District for your continued support in what we offer kids in virtually every city neighborhood. A full 85 of your schools were represented in our Summer Camp students, and students from 21 of your schools received scholarships!

In contrast to all you read, especially concerning kids and their educations, we’re grateful to be so present. And so accountable to vibrant, hopeful futures.