Tiersa Nureyev: The Lineal Project

November 6, 2021 – January 29, 2022
Gallery hours: 11am-4pm Wednesdays-Saturdays

Special events:

• Opening reception: Saturday, Nov. 6, 4-7pm

  • Pop-up Shops featuring jewelry, accessories, and objets d’art: Saturday, Dec. 4; Saturday, Dec. 11 (This pop-up will also feature the work of Yvonne Mouser and Agelio Batle). Additional dates TBD.
  • Artists’ panel “Multi-hyphenate: Working with Craft, Art & Design” with Tiersa Nureyev, Yvonne Mouser, and Agelio Batle, moderated by Lisa Ellsworth on Saturday, Dec. 11, 5pm in the MSP Atrium
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  • Community/Social Engagement Workshop, Saturday, Jan. 8
  • Closing Reception, Saturday,January 29

Ms. Nureyev’s residency is open to the public when the gallery is open, and visitors are invited to engage in artistic prompts provided by the artist.

The Lineal Project is a two-part residency in the San Francisco Arts Education Project Gallery at Minnesota Street Project. The first part kicks off this fall with artist and designer Tiersa Nureyev working the gallery and concludes in the spring of 2022 with dancer/choreographer Laura Elaine Ellis, who will utilize some of the work created by Ms. Nureyev, in a performance created for the Minnesota Street Project Atrium

From Tiersa Nureyev:

I began my career as a seamstress and then trained as a fashion designer. When I became a mother, I adapted my skills for jewelry and accessory design, costuming, and teaching. I continue to engage professionally in disparate roles in the arts but now seek an opportunity to merge all of my varying paths into one cohesive art and design practice. 

I am inspired by investigating new ways to approach materials and also by the possibility for endless iteration on any given theme. This is evident in my use of textiles. I transform fabrics into skeins (not unlike yarn) and then weave, braid, knot, form, dye, and embellish them. The nature and function of these constructed objects change in relation to scale, from a small piece of jewelry to a large fiber sculpture. I make drawings of those textile structures and forms which can stand alone as pieces of art or become repeating prints, that becomes fabric, which can cover or interact with any surface be it any upholstered piece of furniture, a garment, or graphic wall art.

The Lineal Project speaks directly to my interest in creating a series of works that connect dots and highlight conceptual and technical skills based on linear concepts. Whatever form the realization of the project may take, I envision it ultimately as an installation highlighting the iterative process coupled with live and recorded programming to engage visitors in a larger conversation about the ways in which Creatives often split their time toggling between multiple vocational roles (maker, designer, artist, or educator) yet can distill those creative threads into a single, multifaceted statement.

For The Lineal Project I envision an immersive, mixed-media installation through which visitors will follow a “line” that moves from a more traditional exhibition of two-dimensional line sketches and drawings, into spaces that become increasingly complex with three-dimensional hand and machine sewn structures and paintings, and finally transitions into a vast expanse of printed fabric covering an entire wall, with sculptural upholstered objects throughout the space. These same textiles will comprise the collaboration’s (with Laurie Elaine) costume constructs, and potentially be fabricated into large scale fiber-based objects to be used in a kinetic partnership with live (or recorded) choreographed performers. Along with the installation and collaboration, I am sharing my workspace via an open studio-like format so that viewers can observe firsthand the process of iteration as it unfolds.

For more, visit artist’s website

The Lineal Project is supported, in part, by the

National Endowment for the Arts
Dawn Redwoods Trust