Give and Take: Artists and Youth in Dialogue (1998)

Exhibition at the Mills Building; Conceived by Richard Olsen; Curated by Larry Rinder; In collaboration with ArtSource Consulting; Distiguished mid-career artists and young people in SFArtsED classes exchanged “problems” to be solved by making works of art. Assignments included “what does the soul look like?” “make a work for the sky,” “make something that makes you nervous.” The artists visited the classrooms twice, once for the exchange of problems and the second to discuss the solutions. Likewise, the students visited the artists in their studios, in this way seeing the work for the exhibition in progress in the context with the artist’s other work. The culminating exhibition included the work of the adults and students’ “solutions” side by side using a wide range of media, video, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and artist’s books