Carved by hydrologic cycles, polished by winds, and shaped by other natural phenomena, land is sculpted by geologic timescales, of which we are witness to for only a moment. Dry Garden is a contemplation of this creative process, and a reflection on a personal perception of time. As water falls onto rock, it finds its way back to the sea, only to be reinvented as cloud formations. Terrestrial forms and elevations are perceived through the lens of topography, always orienting the viewer in relation to sea level.

Among many natural processes that transform our planet, the water cycle has a drastic impact on the equilibrium of life. Even subtle alterations to weather patterns can heave significant climatic changes for any location on earth. As one place sees drought, another is besieged by rising waters. According to the Gaia hypothesis, our planet as a whole is seen as a single living organism. With interconnected systems much like the many systems of a human body, when planetary cycles are thrown out of alignment it becomes a delicate process to regain balance and homeostasis. Dry Garden is inspired by this search for balance, featuring clashing sculptural forms and time-based vignettes in response to nature’s adaptations.

Pete Belkin’s practice spans the expanded field of painting, his sculptural and time-based projects reflect on natural phenomena as well as modes of perception. His artistic and curatorial projects have been shown locally as well as internationally. Pete received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from California College of the Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute.