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We’ve had a blast connecting and creating with artists and students, and we will be offering more classes soon!

Please check back here, or better yet, let us know what kind of classes you’d like us to offer. Send an email to

Photoshoppery - Reality is overrated (Stacey Ransom) | 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Ages 10-14

This fast-paced crash course reveals one of the most powerful and influential art programs ever invented. Students will create a personal art project from start to finish learning the building block skills for all manner of digital art. They will use their own imagery and textures to learn photo alteration and compositing. Students will also learn type manipulation and basic compositional skills. Words like “liquify, puppet warp, transform, twirl, vanishing, and zigzag” don’t just sound fun, they are also hilarious effects students will love using!

·       Adobe Photoshop, version 2016 or newer will need to be installed and in working condition BEFORE class begins. There won’t be time for tech-support during the class. Adobe Photoshop subscription plans can be found here:
·       laptop or desktop computer + color monitor (no iPads or tablets for this class)
·       a personal phone with built in camera or a standard digital camera
·       ability for student to transfer photos to computer using text, airdrop, and/or USB
·       a mouse or small wacom tablet are very helpful, but not necessary

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